What is When Pigs Fly?

When Pigs Fly is a 5 reel slot video game that has 20 paylines and is powered by NetEnt software. It is based on Pigs in the space and played on a specially designed cross shaped grid. The game is available on major casino sites like netentcasino .

What is the Origin of When Pigs Fly?

One of the funniest titles you will ever find in Netent slot catalogue is When Pigs Fly! The game leaves up to its name, it is indeed a funny video slot available on oivakoira website. The game is based on cartoons from 1990s available on Nickelodeon. They include;

  1. Catdog
  2. Ren and Stimpy
  3. The Jetsons

If you didn't have an idea, you'd have thought that this slot was created on a real cartoon game from back then. The truth, however, is that the game is new and has unique graphics. It actually won Netent the top innovators award.

Which is the Approach to When Pigs Play?

This video slot is surely one of the most exciting ones created by Netent. It is well compatible with any mobile device and gamblers can play it from anywhere. It has a great design, amazing animation and interesting slot features like Wild substitutions.

One thing you ought to look out for is your approach when playing this slot. It has new betting options that give gamblers higher chances of winning. It has a minimum bet set above average and the maximum bet very low at around 100.

How Many Levels are there in When Pigs Fly?

There are ten levels available and five different coin values giving gamblers a chance to choose any bet amount between 1 and 100. The higher the chances gamblers are given, the more they are likely to win and adapt to the slot's gameplay.

The 10 levels available in When Pigs Fly video slot have different levels of difficulty. The simplest level is the level number one, and it is where amateur gamblers are advised to start from. The most advanced level is level number 10, where experienced gamblers flex their muscles.

Which are the Best Ways to Winning this Slot?

The moment you start playing this slot, you will notice that the game does not look much like any other video slot out there. Typically, standard games offer you 45 Ways to Win with 1-3-5-3-1 layout instead of the standard 3 by 5 reels.

  • Every formation has its own outcome and values
  • • Levels above 5 contain difficult bypasses and can be challenging to complete.

It is very interesting especially when it is combined with the free spins feature which creates an exciting formation. This happens as soon as the Free Spins are activated. The combination of the free spin feature and other levels can lead to various outcomes.


What is When Pigs Fly Main Game?

The Main Game is a slot future to look out for in this game. Gamblers need to note that despite the structural differences of When Pigs Fly, many of the other features remain constant. The gameplay, tactical approach and graphics have been changed slightly.

Actually, one feature that gamblers like the most about this slot game is the fact that it is easy to understand. Unlike a few games created by NetEnt, this one can be played even by armatures. You don't need special training to play it.