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Recycling the Desert Continues

Recycling Our Highways: Part 4

Marty Pigue has continued collecting cans, glass, and plastic throughout the heat of summer, only things may change if and when the California budget gets approved.

I went over to Vidal Junction, Marty’s home base, last week and found him still hard at work although he said that he’s now sharing a small cottage next to the California Agricultural Inspection Station. Further, he’s applied for a job there, taken and passed the tests, and they say he’ll come on board when the California budget gets approved; meanwhile there’s a freeze on new hires.

My main reason for stopping was to give Marty a full set of hardcopy printouts for the three stories I’ve written and hardcopy versions of their images. I went on to the salt mine in Milligan and spent a few days there collection information for a story on how the mine and processing center are being rescued from oblivion (more on this later). When I came back through Vidal, Marty had copies of the printouts and images tacked to his notice board.

When I asked him how he was doing financially he said, “OK,” but needs to save enough to get organized for something that passes for everyday life.

While Marty doesn’t have a bank account, you can reach him C/O Kim Price, HC 20 Box 444, Vidal, CA 92280. Cell: 760-464-9352.

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  1. Dan H

    Love this story. I’m not sure how just now discovering your writings. I have not stopped reading for days

  2. Dan H

    I caught, “Highways unleash America’s wandering” while flipping through the CNN site the other day and that’s how I discovered your stuff. You have a very unique way of telling the “down home” story.

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